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ZMPG S.A. (Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A.) wishes to invite you to consider locating your business in Europe’s most rapidly developing seaport, on a property based in the deepwater part of the Port of Gdańsk.

This property has immense potential. Its location near the deepwater part of the Port of Gdańsk, in combination with the investments on both land and water by ZMPG S.A. along with the Maritime Office in Gdynia is unique on a European scale and guarantees success for business. The plot is located immediately next to the Ore Pier. It can be utilised for the construction of a terminal, capable of generating high levels of goods handling.

According to applicable law, letting for use, ordinary lease or usufructuary lease or other contractual arrangements of land property (owned by ZMPG S.A., the State Treasury or a municipality, located within the port boundaries) requires a public tender, unless provided otherwise.

If you are interested in developing your business in the Port of Gdańsk, then contact us.


Europe’s most rapidly developing port of the last decade
Goods handling increased by 76.5% over 10 years
The largest container port for the Baltic Sea
No. 1 in container handling in January-June 2021
Excellent infrastructure, both in terms of land and port facilities
Access to the European road and rail networks, without passing through the city centre
A port without limitations
Deepwater, no tides, and free of ice cover
Handling of the largest ships
Docks up to 17 m deep, enabling access by world’s largest container ships and bulk carriers in the Baltic Sea



Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A.
ul. Zamknięta 18, 80-955 Gdańsk, Poland